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A “National Committee” approves its report for the Public Health Bill

9 May 2020

The Committee on Health and Environmental Affairs of the Federal National Council, during its meeting held "remotely" on Thursday through video conferencing technology "Video Conference" headed by Muhammad Ahmed Al Yamahi, Chairman of the Committee, adopted its final report on a federal bill on public health.

The meeting was attended by members of the committee: Dr. Hawa Al-Dahhak Al-Mansouri, “the committee’s rapporteur,” and Naima Abdullah Al-Sharhan, “the second vice-president of the council”, and his name Abdullah bin Hareb Al-Suwaidi, and Azra Hassan bin Rakad, and Jamila Ahmed Al-Muhairi.
Mohamed Ahmed Al Yamahi said that the committee adopted during its meeting its final report on the draft law that includes (38) articles after it made some amendments and was submitted in its final form to the presidency of the Council for discussion in one of the upcoming sessions in the presence of government representatives.
He stressed the great importance of the draft law in preserving human health and protecting against diseases, epidemics and risks that harm public health in all its forms in accordance with the precautionary principle and proven scientific proofs .. He noted that the draft law aims to establish a system for managing health risks and prepare national emergency plans necessary to confront them or limit Including and setting mechanisms to fully monitor and monitor the causes of illness, injury and death, and work to reduce the risks that affect or may affect human and community health.
For her part, Hawa Al-Dahhak Al-Mansouri confirmed that the draft public health law confirms the need to conduct feasibility studies before making health decisions on the basis of cost and return to provide the highest quality standards in the health sector and achieve sustainability in this important and vital sector .. noting that the draft law is important for the future of the health sector in The state, and it keeps pace with the visions and directions of the wise leadership of the state.