online legal service

Ask lawyer Online is a UAE based online legal service providing law firm who provides all the legal services through Online. We are a trusted law firm with an experienced team of lawyers & legal consultants who provides legal consultation & services online only for the client's easy access. We are experts in providing online legal services in writing & appeal of the memorandum, Request for legal notice, Applying court application, Request for the court order, etc... We are a team of experienced Lawyers & legal consultants in Family Law, criminal law, labour law, Business Law, Property Law, Litigation, & Letter Writing. We can provide you easy online business legal services to answer all your legal doubts & questions. We are mainly providing our legal service across UAE & Middle East from a team of licensed attorneys on personal topics ranging from family, criminal, divorce, real estate, loan, corporate & labor. 

Ask Lawyer provides you all the legal services online through e-mail, phone calls, and video calls, and also in multiple languages such as Arabic, English, Hindi, and Russian within a short period of time from the date of your online registration. We will assist you to facilitate the provision of legal services for all kinds except for cases where the presence is needed before the court. With our
online legal advice service, there is no need of going to law firms directly, what all you have to do is provide the documents, explain about the case and pay the payment online through our website. After your order is confirmed, we will send back the memo which is to be presented at the judicial court.