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Gangs behind Electronic begging

3 May 2020

The Abu Dhabi Police have warned against begging emails via WhatSapp and social media  sites that request help in unregulated ways or illegal ways, explaining that it is a crime against the law, and it is run by fraud gangs that randomly target community members. 

They stressed the continuation of their endeavors to addressthis scourge, through crusades of review, awareness and captures that haveadded to reducing crime, dispensing with conduct that gives a negativeimpression about society and proceeding with their endeavors in bringing issuesto light through social media and different news sources in a manner that adds tofortifying crime avoidance and spreading serenity.

The Abu Dhabi Police asked members of the public who receivesuch emails, to contact the Command and Control Centre 999 and safety serviceat the toll-free number 8002626 (AMAN2626) or by text messages (2828) or viaemail ( or through the smart application of the GeneralCommand of the Police Abu Dhabi.