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60.5% drop in rental claims in April.

3 May 2020

Data revealed issued by the RDSC, the judicial arm, Dubai Lands Department, a decrease by 60.5% in the total number of Suits rental, during April 2020, compared to April 2019.

According to that data, the total number of rental cases fell from 2436 registered in April 2019 to 962 in April 2020.

Types of action

Data has indicated that the center received 385 suits "primary" in April 2020, compared to 1135 suit in April 2019 by the decline reached 66%, also a record "appeal" 103 cases, compared with 117 cases on appeal in April 2019 decreased by 12%. At a time when "execution" had registered 474 cases, compared to 1184 cases with a drop of 60%.

Great sympathy.

For his part, said the head of the RDSC, the judge Abdulkadir Musa, said that "the decline in the ratio of the number of Suits rental, access to the proportion of 60.5%, is the result of the response of real estate companies and keep rental and royalty, the circumstances relating to the virus (MERS-CoV) update, and its effects on the ability of individuals, businesses, and shops to pay dues lease regularly".

He stressed that "the Centre found great sympathy by many of the landlords towards tenants on buyers," he pointed out that "there are many humanitarian situations of some tenants who have lost their jobs due to this crisis."

Center ready.

He drew the law of Moses to the side which helped the Centre to continue providing all its services without any diminution or breach, in conjunction with government directives in relation to the cooling of the spread of the virus, "corona", through remote work.

He said that "the Centre has benefited from the automation of all its services in the rapid shift towards remote work, without any obstacles, where it is currently dependent on a mechanism (remote litigation), which is the first of its kind in the UAE and the region, which enabled (video conferencing)".He explained that "such a mechanism rely on that all the actions going through the lawsuit, the tenant, are carried through a completely electronic system, starting from the suit until judgment, and require the attendance of litigants, what is easy is important towards the transformation to work remotely".

Friendly settlements.

Said the head of the RDSC, the judge Abdulkadir Musa, said, "the Centre seeks to chapter in all disputes arising between lessors and tenants of real estate, through the use of all roads, in the forefront of settlement in case the parties wish it," noting that "the center addressed many of the issues and solve it amicably."