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A draft law setting up a system for managing health risks

9 May 2020

The Health and Environmental Affairs Committee of the Federal National Council, during its "remote" meeting last Thursday, headed by Muhammad Ahmed Al Yamahi, adopted its final report on a federal draft law on public health, setting a system for managing health risks, and preparing national emergency plans necessary to confront or limit them , And mechanisms for fully monitoring the causes of illness, injury and death.

Al-Yamahi stressed that the committee discussed the draft law extensively with a number of concerned authorities and representatives of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, stressing its importance in preserving human health and protecting it from diseases, epidemics and risks, according to the precautionary principle and confirmed scientific evidence.

The committee's rector, Dr. Hawa Al-Dahhak Al-Mansouri, said that the draft law confirms the need for feasibility studies before making health decisions on the basis of cost and return, to provide the highest quality standards in the health sector, and to achieve sustainability in this important and vital sector, noting that the draft law is important for the future The health sector in the country, and it comes in line with the visions and directions of the state leadership.

She added that «the ability to set effective controls for the health sector and rapid response to risks lies in cooperation between local and federal agencies, and good coordination in matters related to several jurisdictions, and dealing with them to the fullest», pointing to the importance of strengthening effective coordination and cooperation between the concerned authorities Federal and local in the face of disease and epidemics.