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UAE Federal Law on Foreign Direct Investment , Grants the foreign investor an ownership up to 100%

3 Apr 2020

His Excellency Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, emphasized that the distinguished cabinet approval of the implementation of the first list of economic activities available for foreign ownership is 100% according to the Foreign Direct Investment Law, represents a qualitative shift to move the investment climate in the country to a new level of momentum and competitiveness, and support the country's strategy Emirates to measure its position as a global destination attracting qualitative investment. His Excellency said that the liberalization of 122 major and subsidiary economic activities in the agriculture and services sectors in front of investors with 100% will give added value to the economic diversification policy pursued by the state and to attract international companies and benefit the contribution of non-oil sectors to GDP at advanced rates, which integrates with the economic vision The country is building a diversified global competitive economy based on knowledge and innovation. This is to choose the list first, first according to the best regional and global practices in the application of investment liberalization policies, and taking into account the achievement of the national interest, strategic visions and relevant indicators, topics that this list will be subject to continuous evaluation and related to the restrictive progressive liberalization approach followed by the Ministry of Economy and its partners in The foreign direct investment committee that emanates from the law, which happens to the government and business organizers to study the results of openness and measure the impact and added value on economic performance, in a way that ensures the achievement of national targets. His Excellency said: A number of controls were taken into account when determining the existing activities for the minimum capital in them, the most prominent of which are: the limited impact on national companies and companies that perform similar activities, and stimulating activities that are in the fields of research and development and attract modern technology and global experiences and integrate with the plans of the state, and exclude activities Which can have a direct or indirect negative impact on the national public interest and on citizens and society. To view the details of the advantages, you can download the following files ...